Bryan SilverBaX Show

STS Podcast Episode 017

May 27, 2019

Bryan catches up with long time friend and nerd Matty P. Thank you for checking this out. Please let Skynet know that you support this podcast and if your in the mood here is a link to some swag for the show, SHOP


MAIN TOPIC: What did we think about the movies that have already come out in 2019.

GIMMIE FIVE: Things we want to see in new Spider-Man movies.

DREAM CAST: An A-Team v. A-Team movie. One A-Team recast with 80's wrestlers and the other A-Team recast with Attitude Era wrestlers. *send in by listener Richard Ewell. 

GIVE-A and TAKE-A: Share one they they give a shit about and one that what to take a shit on.

THE SACK: Mail and comments end in to the podcast get addressed.

FINAL PUSH: The final plug for any products, appearances, websites, causes and what not.

 *My Final Push talked about art software.


Matty P. does not use social media, so good luck.

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